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“My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home.”
― Richard Bach, Stranger to the Ground

Thompson Aviation is a full-time flight training organization, with a fully operational Charter Division, as well as a fully equipped Aircraft maintenance facility situated at Wonderboom National Airport, Pretoria South Africa.

Safety is our main concern! Our pledge to all our clients is to provide safe, efficient and cost effective flight training

We Offer

Thompson Aviation has a “Pay as you Fly” program. Funds are used for the issuing of their Pilot Kit which contains all study material and tools in the form of maps, checklists, fuel testers and flight computers used in their training, the first phase of ground lectures and actual flight lessons are also deducted from this credit. When it is depleted students can deposit whatever funds they choose for the next phase or time period. Contact us for pricing options available.

It is important to remember that Flight Training is not a race against time and training should always be completed in a pace that is beneficial to the students and how personal budget permits.

International students that require a Visa must complete Enrolment Forms and then pay the same deposit upon which Thompson Aviation will issue an enrolment certificate that can be used at the applicable Embassy of the enrolling student to obtain the training Visa. The same program then applies, as funds are available students can complete their training.

(Please note that Thompson Aviation unfortunately does not offer any financial aid or bursaries. You can however apply for a study/personal loan at your local bank, we will provide any supporting documents to you required from your bank.)

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Times to Complete Training

Once again it is important to understand that although some continuity is necessary in training, it is not a race against time. Students absorb new information differently and although strict parameters are set in terms of performance there is no specific time frame in which the Licence must be completed, some students graduate with their PPL in three (3) months and others in six (6) depending on their disposable budget and work or family commitments. The written exams do lapse after a specific time if the Licence is not completed but it must be said that anybody that stays focussed on the end goal and has pre planned for funds to complete their training should not experience these challenges.

Below an estimate of times to complete the various courses:

1.    PPL full time – 3 months
2.    PPL part time (2 or 3 sessions a week)  – 7 months
3.    Night Rating – 1 month
4.    Hour Building – 3 months
5.    Instrument rating – 2 months
6.    Multi engine – 3 to 4 weeks
7.    Instructors Rating – 3 months
8.    Thus a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) with an Instructors rating can be completed in around 14 months full time and if budget permits.

Find us here:

Hangar S1, Wonderboom National  Airport,
Pretoria, South Africa

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Tel: +27 12 753 5580
Fax: 086 5477 901

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